7Seas Trading Warehouse Merchandise Conditions

We at 7Seas Trading Warehouse are all about high quality liquidation inventory. Therefore, whether your interest is in truckloads, closeouts, retail customer returns and so much more, you can find it all with us because we get to offer you several categories of inventory from top manufacturers. 

Here are details about the condition of our merchandise

New Merchandise
These merchandise are brand new with no defects.dents, blemishes, signs of age or scratches. The merchandise are still in the manufacturer’s packaging and have never been opened. New merchandise comes with a warranty. Contact our support team to order and get more details on liquidation pallets warranty. 

Like New Merchandise
These merchandise just like our brand new merchandise in the description above comes with no defects, dents, blemishes, signs of age or scratches.However unlike brand new merchandise, these ones have had the manufacturers package opened. As a result the merchandise is still in its brand new state or has few damages arising from UN-packaging The Like-New inventory also come with a warranty details of which our support team will be happy to give you. 

Our refurbished merchandise are divided into Grade A, B and C. 

These merchandise look new and are ready for the market. With our Grade A refurbished merchandise you are guaranteed inventory with no blemish, dents or scratches. We at 7Seas Trading Warehouse ensure that our Grade A refurbished merchandise meet factory standards. Just like all our merchandise, with these refurbished products come exciting discounts and warranties. 

At 7Seas Trading Warehouse you can find market ready Grade B refurbished merchandise.Why are these merchandise referred to as Grade B? Well, they have been tailored to meet the manufacture’s standards.The merchandise function well with a few blemishes or scratches.Buyers of these inventory get all documentation from the manufacturer. 

These merchandise are market ready because we ensure they have undergone a thorough inspection to meet the manufacturer’s standards. For this product you can expect significant blemishes which be either scratches, frame damage or dents. 

If you are looking for an inventory that has failed a physical condition test or technical functionality test, then 7Seas Trading Warehouse is the right liquidator for you. We get to package these merchandise for you. Please note that with these merchandise, repairs have not been attempted, therefore they are sold on AS IS basis. Buyers for these merchandise are usually those looking for inventory that they can repair or harvest parts from. Therefore with the right software upgrades, parts swapping and firmware upgrades, buyers are able to yield between 30% to 60% of functional items. Please note that these merchandise don’t come with any warranties.If this is the type of merchandise you are looking for, then you came to the right place. 

These type of inventory has been tested but can’t work despite various repairs. Buyers of these merchandise are those looking to purchase merchandise which they can combine with various inventory to yield a working unit.If you are looking for inventory for parts harvesting, then 7Seas Trading Warehouse is here to serve you. Please note that salvage merchandise do not come with a warranty. 

Scrap merchandise constitutes of inventory that has failed the functionality test. These type of merchandise might have some missing or distressed parts.Some parts of these merchandise might be functional but a buyer should always anticipate to deal with major missing parts. At 7Seas Trading Warehouse, scrap merchandise are sold on “AS IS” basis.