7SEAS Trading is the #1 Virginia Discount Warehouse for liquidations, truckloads, retail returns, closeouts and much other inventory. We are here to bring you quality returned and unsold merchandise from some of the best manufacturers and large retailers.

Our warehouse is the best Virginia liquidation market place that packages unsold and returned merchandise into wholesale lots, and sells to you. After that, you can sell the products through your channels or keep them for personal use. No matter your client base, business channel, or needs, you can trust 7Seas Trading Warehouse because our merchandise is of high quality and discounted prices. With our affordable prices, you now have a chance to turn your business into a profitable venture.

Who Buys Our Liquidation Merchandise?

Online Sellers

Are you an online seller? Then you are the person we are here to serve. One thing that should be important to you as an online seller is having a reliable source for your inventory. That is the same reason we are here because you can at all times depend on the best Virginia Liquidation Warehouse for all your inventory needs. If you are looking to create a profitable online business, you need to contact us today for the best resale wholesale pallets containing overstock, retail returns and other inventory. 7Seas Trading Warehouse is the best liquidation market place with several products available in various categories. We deal in pallet, truckload, carton per your needs.

Distributors & Wholesalers

If you are a discount retail chain, broker or liquidator purchasing by the truckload, you are at the right place. For all your large volume inventory, you can trust 7Seas Trading Warehouse to deliver.


Are you located outside the United States? Are you an exporter looking for quality merchandise for your overseas market? Well, 7seas Trading Warehouse is just the best Virginia Liquidation Pallets warehouse and one of the best and the most reliable warehouses for your overseas business. We deal with several international customers. Our services do not just end at purchase. We are here to ensure your merchandise gets to you fast and safe. We have a team that deals in international shipments, contact us today and organize how your pallets will reach you. 7Seas Trading Warehouse is always happy to assist.

Flea Markets

If you are a flea marketer, look no further. We know the value you have placed in quality. At the best Virginia Liquidation Pallet warehouse, we have created networks and partnerships with the best manufacturers and top retailers just for you. Consider purchasing customer returns and surplus inventory at discounted prices from us.

Why Buy From 7Seas Trading Warehouse?

Increased profits
When you buy our inventory in bulk, you get great discounts helping you to save on your business expenditure hence increased profits. Our stores are located in New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia. These stores are situated conveniently; therefore, you get to spend less on shipment and freight costs.

Say no to middlemen
7Seas Trading Warehouse is here to help you get inventory direct from the source. With our connection to top manufacturers and manufacturers, you can always count our inventory as quality.

Large Volumes
The quantity of inventory you are looking for should not stop you from contacting us. With us, you can always get truckloads containing a wide range of categories for your business. Whether you want sorted or unsorted truckloads, we are the right liquidation warehouse for you.

What you see is what you get
Are you tired of always getting what you didn't order? Well, we are here to help you break that cycle. At 7Seas Trading Warehouse, we are at all times committed to delivering to customers the exact inventory ordered.

Top Quality Inventory
We are a liquidation pallets warehouse that sells retail returns, which are still in their primary packaging. We also deal in brand new inventory and overstock, which explains why our inventory's quality is top quality.

Constant supply
Our warehouse receives a continuous supply of inventory this way, and we ensure that your business also gets a constant supply of both sorted and unsorted inventory.

Save time
If you have a busy schedule, 7Seas Trading Warehouse has ensured you get a hold of sorted inventory for your business.